The Center of Mental Health & Wellbeing (CMHW) provides a comprehensive approach to mental health care that considers various aspects of the individual’s well-being. It involves a holistic approach, addressing mental health from multiple angles like psychological social, and environmental factors. This approach aims to provide a complete support system for mental well-being considering not just specific symptoms but the person as a whole. Services and programs under this domain include counseling, lifestyle changes, therapy, support groups, and more.   The CMHW also aims to promote the advancement and application of psychology in diverse contexts, including clinical, educational, certifications, organizational, and social settings. CMHW plays a pivotal role in advancing research, education, advocacy, and the application of psychology on national and international scales.


  • To assess cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and interpersonal functioning, and to integrate and synthesize test data with observations, interviews, and other data sources 
  • To conduct psychological and behavioral interventions to improve health and functioning using a wide range of evidence-based interventions 
  • To conduct, disseminate, and implement research on a range of clinical psychological processes  
  • To establish and maintain therapeutic relationships and communication with a broad diversity of populations 
  • To recognize and respond to ethical, legal, and regulatory issues as they pertain to the practice of clinical psychology 
  • To understand the professional expectations that guide behavior, promote self-reflection, integrity, and accountability 
  • To design and disseminate effective capacity-building programs for clinical psychologists in Pakistan
  • To develop national standards on ‘Clinical Psychology Practices’ 

Mandate of CMHW


Capacity Building


Customized Training

Mental Health

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Capacity Building Programs

Certificate Courses

These certificate courses will provide you a competitive advantage, boost your efficiency, increase your income-earning potential, enhance your skills & knowledge, establish your professional credibility, and make progress toward achieving your certificate endorsed by the Qmenntum 360.

Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

One-year modular certificate course equipped with online, face-to-face sessions and internship supervision.

Addiction Treatment

3-month certificate program on clinical skills for healthcare providers on addiction treatment. This certificate contains a 1-month internship at a drug rehab center.


ADHD for Teachers and Support Staff


Ambreen Abid

Clinical Psychologist