We facilitate you in achieving remarkable scores in final survey of provincial healthcare commissions and authorities like Minimum Service Delivery Standards of PHC (Punjab Healthcare Commission), Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority (IHRA), KPK Healthcare Commission and Sindh Healthcare Commission.

Moreover, we do facilitate in readiness inspection for implementation of Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) requirements and standards.

Our Proven Methodology: Learn, Develop, Act, Sustain & Excel

Successful and timely licensing and certification can be achieved through following steps:

  • Adequate sponsorship and leadership are critical to success;
  • Get involved everyone through chapter leads or focal persons
  • Appropriately structure the project and clearly establish roles;
  • Assess learning requirements and develop a tailored training program;
  • Achieving the patient safety culture means to demonstrate the Safe, Timely, Efficient, Equitable, Effective and patient centered care every time.



Qmentum Consulting will train the nominated staff as ‘Quality Champion’ in the domain of applicable regulatory & statutory, patient centered and organizational centered standards requirements.

Team & role definition, Project Planning and Budget, Focus areas including quality dimensions, Hospital Performance & CQI Measures integration, Tracer methodology, assessment and scoring methodology and Survey Readiness Assessment methods.

Qmentum Consulting will develop the capacity of Licensing / Accreditation Team to collect all existing policies, Standard Medical Protocols, Evidence Based Clinical Guidelines/Practices, Standing Orders and conduct gap analysis.



Definitely, Qmentum Consulting experts will facilitate the Licensing / Accreditation Team in conducting gap assessment, modifying project plan & action plan & budget, and customization & development of policies, Standard Medical Protocols/ Evidence-Based Clinical Practices to achieve licensing / accreditation in first attempt.



Qmentum Consulting experts facilitate the Licensing / Accreditation team in training of staff members on new policies/ SMPs/ Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines, Continuous Quality Improvement Measures and compliance assessment.

After completion of corrective actions and declaration of implementation, Qmentum Consulting surveyors along with your Licensing / Accreditation Team will conduct the mock survey to measure the compliance. The Corrective Actions will also be planned and corrected and prevented.

After successful licensing / accreditation, the most important step “Sustain” must not be overlooked. Qmentum Consulting will facilitate your organization’s Licensing / Accreditation Team in conducting regular compliance assessment,



reporting Hospital Performance and CQI Measures data & its projection in BoD / BoG or Quality Steering Committee / Council.

Qmentum Learning Power-up Program on Licensing will be the additional advantages

International Patient Safety Goals (IPSGs) Compliance

Targeted Solution Tool (TST) of JCI to achieve IPSGs

Selection, Prioritization and integration of CQI measures

Qmentum Learning Powerup’s Capacity Building Porgram

We develop and deliver customized training program for your healthcare establishment to plan, develop, implement, measure and sustain of healthcare quality standards.

Healthcare System Certification & Accreditation

TeamSTEPPS (IHRQ) Implementation

Comprehensive Unit Based Safety Program (CUSP)

Patient Safety Professional Course (based on CPPS)

Project Planning for JCI Accreditation

Change Management

Tracer Methodology

Internal Quality Management System (QMS) Auditor

Integrated Continual Quality Improvement Measures & BI reporting

We are Expert in:

  • Teaching Hospitals
  • Research & Teaching Hospital
  • General Hospital
  • Maternity Hospital
  • Specialist Paediatric Hospital
  • Specialist Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Any combination of the facilities
  • Mental Healthcare facilities
  • Plastic Surgery Centre
  • Radiotherapy Centre
  • Invasive Imaging Centre
  • Chemotherapy Centre
  • Diagnostic Centre
  • Any combination of the above
  • Day Surgical Procedure Centre
  • Dental Surgery Centre
  • Eye Surgery Centre
  • Orthopedic Centre
  • Dialysis Centre
  • Single Disease Care Centre