Policy Template

Edition: 01

Unit: Human Resource

Effective: 24-APR-2021

Issued: 20-APR-2021

Revision: 00


Responsibility of:

Write the purpose of the policy

Write the responsibility e.g. Human Resource and Heads of Department

Applicable to:

Write the scope of applicability of the policy e.g. this policy shall apply to all departments and all staff of the ABC Hospital.


Policy & Procedure Cross Reference:

Write the required resources to execute this policy

E.g. Organization bylaws (ABC-01)

  1. Terms & Definitions
    1. 1: Recruitment: [write the brief definition in simple words]
  2. Policy Statements
    1. Example: All vacant positions shall be advertised prior to recruitment and staffing
  3. Procedure
3.1HR Budget Management Responsibility
3.1.1 HR Department will develop HR budget annually Manager HR
Appropriate heading should be used for appropriate process
SectionDocumentation Responsibility
3.2 HR Budget Approval Form HR Manager will file in employee file
All documents / records generated from procedure should be laid down

4. Indicators / Key Performance Indicators /audit

Example (i) % positions remain vacant more than 45 days

5. Appendices

6. References

7. Revision History